Dark Hunter




Arthur Banks is born in the small town of Gary (IN).
At 11, the young Arthur visited the state prison and was impressed by one of the inmate, detained until his scheduled execution. Learning more on the detainee, he read about the claimed innocence of the man and exchanged letters. The detainee was executed two years later.
But 9 months later, the innocence was proven after a confession from a gangster.

The event triggered the young Arthur sense of justice and, years later, he started to study law with the ultimate aim to avoid injustice.

After his law studies, he came to Hudson City working for the firm Riley, Culpepper, Shuler, Petrocelli, Montague & Fouts.
Soon, he discovered his employers was much more interested by winning cases than serving justice, to the point of ‘adjusting’ facts and reality. He even started the law firm to use less than legal means to achieve its objectives.

Arthur Banks stayed in the law firm but decided to serve justice more directly, and personally. Using what he could learn from his day work, he endossed the identity of the Dark Hunter and began to prowl Hudson City.

It is also through his work that he came to meet Ruby Jennings. Her parents were assassinated after a leak in the Witness Protection Program. A leak that might have been arranged by his employers.

The Jennings girl was helped by Arthur Banks, discretely, through this ordeal, having survived her parents. She later sided with Banks in his guise of the Dark Hunter.

Dark Hunter

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