Mongoose is a young woman siding with Dark Hunter in his struggle against crime.
She wears a dark red costume, equipped with gadgets and is armed with a crossbow pistol of the Hunter design.


Ruby Jennings is the daughter of Paul and Jessica Jennings.
After her mother agreed to testimony in a big criminal affair, Ruby and her parents were placed under the special program for witness protection.
However, less than a year later, the new identity of the Jennings had been leaked and both Paul and Jessica were assassinated.
Ruby survived by chance, being unexpectedly away the night of the reprisals against her family.

Arthur Banks, young lawyer, felt touched by the girl fate and secretly helped her to get compensation from the state due to the protection program failure. Banks and Ruby Jennings met on that sad occasion.
Since, Ruby developed a genuine affection for the lawyer and when he revealed to also be Dark Hunter, she started to collaborate to his struggle against crime.
She is training to follow Dark Hunter in the streets of Hudson City and be his costumed help but, so far, Dark Hunter has confined her to only data search safe from any direct action.

Mongoose Kiernann