Lucky Seven Shootout
Mysterious shooters on the loose

A shootout happened in front of the Lucky Seven club, yesterday evening, on Jefferson Street, Elmview.
The police dispatched officers but the perpetrators had vanished.
Witnesses reported a car was shot but the driver and his vehicle fortunately escaped. The police is looking for the shooters and the damaged car.
WTRA morning report

Star of the Caspian missing

At Feinblum’s, the renowned jeweller of Hudson City, the employees could only see the damage done by a robbery that happened last night.
Feinblum’s was supposed to display a exhibit on famous gemstones and diamonds from the world. The masterpiece was the Star of the Caspian, one of the largest diamond known.

But the exhibit won’t open. Foiling all security measures, a theft was committed and the Star vanished !
The police, asked about details, speak of a group of thieves, well organized, who broke through the secured windows of that jewel store from the 25th avenue, located on the tenth floor.
Off the mike, a policeman told us there must be insider information passed to the thieves. If confirmed, that would deal a serious blow to the reputation of Blazon Security Services, who was in charge.

The loss of the Star of the Caspian is worrying all the specialists of jewelry. As the diamond is particularly known, it is possible the thieves will cut it into smaller pieces, ruining forever what is an exceptionnal gem.

WTRA morning report
Air Crash
Air Crash on Bridle Lane

Air crash 1024

This morning, an unidentified object crashed by Bridle Lane. The explosion caused no injuries despite being particularly impressive, according to witnesses.
Just a moment before, residents of Elmview have reported hearing a sound ‘like a jet’ soon followed by two loud detonations. The actual crash was not witnessed.

Fortunately, noone was close to the site of the accident, located on the Stewart River banks. Firefighters and policemen were dispatched.

Contacted, the authorities were not able to tell what has crashed this morning. Forensics and experts from Aberdeen International Airport are on the case.
From the earliest speculation, it seems an helicopter, flying low and without registered flight plan hit the ground.

This accident may be tied to the strange sighting the night before over Bayside when another unidentified vehicle passed over the heads of several people, including a squad of police officers.
While we have no image of the vehicle that crashed today, a citizen was fast enough to take a lucky shot of the Bayside vehicle.
The HCPD has yet to confirm if it is the same vehicle and then why it crashed today.

Sandra Huston, for WTBV


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