"Man, this place rocks!
This is like the greatest club ever!
I can’t believe Flog My Nixon just showed
up here to do a gig. I never get to see
anything like this in Missouri. This is so
-convention attendee, enjoying a night on the town at Inferno

For most of its history Blackbridge was primarily a residential neighborhood, and it retains much of that character today.

Middle-class families, nature-lovers who wish to be near the park, students from nearby Hudson City University, and others call Blackbridge their home.
Most of the residential buildings are brownstones and high-rise apartment buildings, with only a few apartment complexes and “detached” houses (the detachment is so small as to be nearly non-existent).
There are also plenty of businesses that cater to the residents — restaurants, small shops and stores, and the like.

Many Hudsonites consider Blackbridge to be one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.
However, as the city has grown, bigger business has intruded on Blackbridge. Particularly where the neighborhood nears Bankhurst and the Convention Center, office buildings have arisen.

Blackbridge is a fairly safe neighborhood, though not as safe as Bankhurst or Highlands.

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