City politics

Politics in Hudson City often boils down to disputes between the Democratic and Republican political machines that mobilize voters and try to sway public opinion.

The Democrats are often known as Bolton Hall, from the name of the building where they used to assemble for meetings and rallies.

The Republicans are saddled with a much less flattering nickname: the Ivory Club. The name comes from the club where Republican leaders used to meet, which had two large elephant statues outside and was called the Ivory Club.

Political figures of Hudson City

City Government
Mayor Graydon Umstead (Rep.)
Chief Deputy Mayor Edward Wilson (Dem.)
Deputy Mayor for Administration Myron Evans (Rep.)
Deputy Mayor for Commerce Kevin Ramis (Rep.)
Deputy Mayor for Community Development William Froward (Rep.)
Deputy Mayor for Operations Roberta Medrano (Rep.)
City Attorney Regina Hallowell (Rep.)
Director of Human Resources Georgina Flynn (Dem.)
Director of Planning Phillip Taggart (Dem.)

Former Mayor Paul McClendon (Ind.)

City Council
Speaker of the Council Tony Hyatt (Rep.)
Assistant-Speaker Frank Jasinkiewicz (Dem.)
Councilman Manuel Berillo-Costa (Dem.)
Councilman Basil Cromwell (Rep.)
Councilman Mark Hatthaway (Dem.)
Councilman Bob Jasperson (Rep.)
Councilman Max Bishop (Dem.)
Councilman Henry Chen (Rep.)
Councilwoman Catherine Lewis (Dem.)
Councilman Richard Pendergrass (Dem.)
Councilman Larry Pettigrew (Dem.)
Councilman Joseph Ruggiero (Dem.)
Councilwoman Julia Shuman (Rep.)
Councilwoman Daphne Wong (Rep.)
Councilman William Zogby (Rep.)

House of Representatives
Representative Alexander Goodman (Dem.)
Representative Edward Kurtz (Rep.)
Representative Caridad Montalvan (Dem.)

Senator Braxton Waite (Dem.)
Senator Alice Sheffield (Rep.)

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