Guilford is a primarily residential neighborhood located in the northwest part of Hudson City, bordered by Ardmore, Irishtown, Blackbridge, Worthington, and Little Italy.

Many Hudsonites agree that Guilford is one of the most pleasant neighborhoods in the city.
Its residential areas contain a mixture of detached houses and nice apartment buildings (though the quality of housing deteriorates a bit as you get close to Hudson City University), while its retail areas bustle with consumer traffic to many fine stores

The crime rate in Guilford is much lower than in most parts of the city and there’s no gang problem to speak of.


  • Avalon Books
  • One of the largest, best-stocked bookstores in the city, its managers expertly mix modern best-sellers with obscure books of note and longtime classics to create an eclectic blend of books suitable for hours of browsing.

  • Calibers
  • A gun store and shooting range, Calibers also hosts an international shooting competition.

  • Nina’s Exotic Pets
  • Ever thought about owning a tiger? A tank of piranha? Maybe a wolf ?
    Well, if you have, there’s a place in Guilford that can make your dreams come true : Nina’s Exotic Pets.

  • Westwood Mall
  • Mixing precisely-sculpted natural areas and broad walkways with carefully selected high-end retail stores like Moon & Sun nature stores, Cardboard Heroes sports cards and memorabilia, Glenwood Diamonds, or Whirlies (a fancified bar and grille), Westwood Mall is a popular consumer destination.

  • Angus Café
  • Consistently voted one of the best burger joints in Hudson City by the readers of various newspapers and magazines, the Angus Café mixes modern decor and service with old-fashioned taste and quality.

  • The Junction
  • A college bar serving the HCU crowd, the Junction has everything you’d want in this sort of place : lots of seats, big screen TVs, and cheap beer.

  • Marietta Grill
  • Specializing in Southern cooking at its finest, the Marietta Grill has become a local favorite since it opened in 2008

  • Zodiac
  • Just about everyone in Hudson City has seen one of this club’s now famous “What’s Your Sign?” advertisements or tshirts.
    That level of exposure, coupled with Zodiac’s popularity among both the college crowd and older partiers, has made the club a profitable business for its owners

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