Harbinger of Justice

The modern era of vigilantism in Hudson City began with the March, 1986 appearance of the Harbinger of Justice, by far the deadliest and most tenacious crimefighter in the city’s history.

During a nearly thirty-year career, he’s killed, by medias estimates, somewhere between three and five hundred persons — exact numbers aren’t available, since there’s no uniform forensic evidence, he doesn’t necessarily claim credit for every kill, the fact that “copycats” may commit crimes like his, and many similar factors.

Most of his victims had extensive records (often for violent crimes), but approximately fifteen percent of them are not known to have been involved in any criminal activity. This chronicle of slaughter has earned the Harbinger the dubious distinction of being the vigilante on whom the Vigilantism Task Force focused the majority of its efforts.

Even other vigilantes don’t particularly like the Harbinger; he’s inflexible, judgmental, and condescending. But he seems to know more about the Hudson City underworld than anyone else, so sometimes he’s the only person another vigilante can turn to for help… assuming you can find him.

The Harbinger presence steadily declined since the last five years. Observers noted he is much less involved in fighting street crime and focused more on high-profile targets.
Many see this as the consequence of a Harbinger growing older and thus striking with more planning than reacting to mundane crime.
Fighting street crime has been taken fortunately or unfortunately) by younger vigilantes like Siddhartha.
It is estimated the Harbinger of Justice will finally go into retirement and stop activities, or make a mistake and be killed, or set a grand finale, possibly suicidal, trying to hit the heads of Hudson City crime scene.

Harbinger of Justice

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