Irish immigrants established their own “ghetto” on the northwest edge of modern Hudson City (it was outside the city limits at that time). The neighborhood quickly became known as “Irishtown,” though the residents themselves called it Westlow.

Irishtown is today the domain of the richest and most fabulous members of Hudson City society, and the slang term “Irish” has come to signify great wealth in the Hudsonite patois.
Frequently compared to Beverly Hills, Irishtown features large, opulent mansions, elaborately manicured lawns, and streets shaded by stately trees. Its inhabitants are typically “old money”.


  • Nicolaus Aquarium
  • Home to fresh and saltwater fish and aquatic animals from all over the world, the Nicolaus Aquarium is both an educational facility and a research institution.

  • Westlow Park
  • Every morning, nannies and au pairs from all over Irishtown bring their young charges to play in the fields of Westlow Park.
    Nearby you can see people walking or playing fetch with expensive purebred dogs, couples walking hand in hand, and birdwatchers on the prowl with their binoculars.

  • Hathaway Custom Accessories
  • Located in the heart of Irishtown’s world famous shopping district, Hathaway’s sells very expensive one-of-a-kind handbags, scarves, and other accessories designed by the boutique’s owner.

  • Kelley Porsche-Ferrari-Lamborghini
  • An authorized dealership for Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris, Kelley’s specializes in meeting the needs of its demanding clientele.

  • Randolph’s Market & Delicatessen
  • Randolph’s shelves are stocked with the choicest gourmet foods available, and its Delicatessen can turn out everything from a pound of potato salad to a catered seven-course meal.

  • Vanderwaite & Flynn
  • “Jewellers to Royalty,” this firm bills itself with justifiable pride. “V&F” creations have graced the heads, hands, and necks of many princes and queens in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia… not to mention the society mavens of Hudson City.

  • Club Irish
  • If it’s hip, if it’s trendy, if it’s cutting edge, you’ll find it being played and danced to at Club Irish, the hottest after-dinner spot in Irishtown.

  • Far Bombay
  • Taking its name from an old Sinatra tune, this upscale cocktail bar serves drinks made from the rarest, most expensive, gins, tequilas, and other exotic booze.

  • Marco Polo
  • An intriguing culinary experiment that succeeded, Marco Polo offers a split menu: half Italian food, half Chinese food.

  • Orleans
  • The house salad costs $20, the menu is entirely in French, and the wine cellar is stocked with millions of dollars’ worth of bottles of wine — even if the waiters’ combination of snootiness and servility weren’t a tip-off, it wouldn’t be hard to tell that Orleans is a restaurant patronized only by the very well-to-do.

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