“You remember what it was like when we
started to work on the docks? It was a great
place — a man’s place, where we worked, and
drank after work, and got things done. It was
a tough neighborhood, sure, but you could be
yourself, and your friends looked after you like
you looked after them.

The whole damn neighborhood is changing.
All them yuppies are moving in and turning
the old warehouses into “lofts” and “luxury
apartments” and crap like that. And they’re
replacing all the great joints like yours with
that crap they think is all trendy and special.
There’s a !$&*%@# Irish Glen up on Twain
Street now, do you believe it?”
— conversation between Benny
Stankiewicz and one of his
customers at Benny’s Place

Pierpoint was once a busy port and the site of a lot of warehouses, medium to heavy industry, and the like.
The docks are still there today, as well as plenty of warehouses and a few small factories, but none of them are as busy as they once were.
The gradual shift in the American economy over the past century slowly but inevitably turned Pierpoint from a bustling waterfront into a not-so-bustling one.

But where the old economy failed, the new economy has come to the rescue… after a fashion.
In the past few decades, newly wealthy urbanites (many of whom work in nearby Bankhurst) have moved in, renovated old warehouses and turned them into lofts, and given the area an upscale residential quality it never had before.
Businesses have followed them, and thus parts of Pierpoint (mainly the areas to the west and north of the neighborhood) have become some of the most fashionable addresses in the city.


  • The Columbia’s Pride
  • The Columbia’s Pride — a fully preserved clipper ship that people can board and tour — is a tribute to the glorious days of maritime adventure. Open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM seven days a week, closed holidays.

  • Hudson City Flower Market
  • Flowers are no good for sale if they’re not fresh and vibrantly-colored. Although refrigeration technology has eased the problem considerably, once flowers are cut flower growers have only a short time to get them to market, and buyers likewise have to get them to their place of sale quickly.
    The Hudson City Flower Market exists to make these transactions as swift and painless as possible for everyone concerned.

  • Carolyn Kaye’s
  • This women’s apparel and accessories store caters mainly to female urban professionals, but has a section of lower-priced clothing for administrative assistants and the like.

  • Jansen’s Shoe Sales & Repair
  • What started out several decades ago as a simple cobbler’s store has, through the time and hard work of owners Norman and Maria Jensen, transformed into a top-flight shoe store that also does repair and dying work for shoes.

  • The Sportsman
  • If you’re the type of person who wants to escape the polluted air and stressful life of the city for a peaceful week or weekend in the great outdoors, the Sportsman has just want you need. It stocks a full line of fishing, hunting, and camping gear, and all of its employees are knowledgeable outdoors enthusiasts.

  • Benny’s Place
  • A favorite after-work watering hole for many of Pierpoint’s longshoremen and dockworkers, Benny’s Place features good beer at reasonable prices, sports on the big screen TV, a handful of dart boards, and two pool tables.

  • The Mortuary
  • Through the early Eighties, the Mortuary was just that: a funeral home.
    But it was turned into a club that became one of Pierpoint’s favorite nightspots.

  • Tropicala Exotica
  • The theme of this adult nightclub is “exotic jungle splendor.” It does its best to provide just that with lots of tropical greenery, tiki torches, wicker furniture, and other such decor… not to mention the topless waitresses dressed as native girls and the “umbrella drinks” the bar serves.

  • Vincent’s Seafood Grille
  • Whether you want finelygrilled mahi-mahi with lemon sauce and capers, a big plate of superb calamari, or some surf and turf, Vincent’s is the place to go. Its chefs prepare some of the best seafood in town.


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