Riverside Hills

Riverside Hills is mainly a residential and retail neighborhood.
It has plenty of businesses, and even some office buildings, but little in the way of manufacturing or industry. Throughout most of the area, the housing takes the form of apartment buildings and brownstones.

The crime rate in Riverside Hills is high, mainly due to the area’s proximity to Freetown.
Residents have been particularly concerned with a growing street gang problem in recent years — Nubians and Warriors sets travel a couple miles north to cause trouble and sell drugs in fresh territories.


  • James Court
  • This cluster of five brick apartment buildings painted white is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Millford Park
  • A favorite haunt not only of area residents but students at Hudson City College who are willing to walk a few blocks, Millford Park squeezes in everything you’d want in a park: green areas, walking and jogging trails, and even a playing field suitable for either baseball or pickup football games.

  • Wainwright Orphanage
  • Technically now known as the “Wainwright Children’s Center,” most people still refer to this place as what it is: an orphanage. The home to sad legions of children whose parents abandoned them or who have no living relatives, it’s a place where hope springs eternal but is more often than not dashed rudely to the ground to shatter.

  • Abercrombie Groceries
  • In today’s world of chain supermarkets and megasized grocery stores, some people still prefer the traditional neighborhood food store.
    Abercrombie Groceries appeals to just such people. Carrying a mix of about 40% mass produced brand foods and 60% specialty and deli items it prepares itself, Abercrombie’s has a loyal clientele.

  • Galacticon Games
  • Whether you prefer to play your games at a computer or using a console and your TV, Galacticon Games has what you’re looking for.

  • The Newsstand
  • Just what the name says it is. This store, run by newsaholic and speedreader Bobby Donnett, carries hundreds of different magazines and newspapers, as well as a small selection of books and personal convenience items (cigarettes, bandages, snack food, that sort of thing).
    However, Bobby does not stock “adult” or “for men” magazines, which he considers offensive and degrading to women.

  • Arthur’s
  • If a college bar like Fallout isn’t really your thing, try Arthur’s. It’s a little more upscale, it serves more than just beer, and the music is kept to a low enough volume.

  • Fallout
  • With $3 pitchers of beer every night from 9:00 to 11:00, and baskets of wings with its trademark “Fallout Sauce” for not much more, this bar is one of the most popular hangouts for Hudson City College students.

  • Marshall Cineplex
  • Let’s go to the movies ! At the Marshall Cineplex, even the pickiest person can find something he wants to watch.

  • Scoville’s
  • Do you like it hot? Try Scoville’s, where the “mild” food is enough to make most people gulp down a gallon of water.
    Named for the scale that ranks the “hotness” of peppers and other food, Scoville’s appeals to the macho in its patrons : can you stand the heat ?

Riverside Hills

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