“I grew up in Ardmore, and I have to say I
think it’s pretty much the best damn place in
the entire city. When I was growing up, it was
great. Us kids could run around all over the
place without our moms worrying too much, we
went trick-or-treating from building to building,
and the park was just a long walk away.
OK, I probably wouldn’t let my kids trick-or-treat
there anymore.
The housing kinda sucks, though. All the best
places have been bought up by yuppies, so a guy
like me can’t afford to get a place, much less a
place big enough for a family.”
—Michael Keene, assistant manager of electronics, Boudreau’s Department Store

Ardmore is regarded as one of the safer, more pleasant neighborhoods in Hudson City, partly because of its proximity to Guilford and Irishtown.

Kurtland Boulevard provides easy access to the suburbs and some other parts of the city (though some residents complain that there’s no local subway station), and the neighborhood ambience has fostered the growth of many highly-regarded small restaurants and businesses.

Ardmore in the Sixties and Seventies was mostly a family place, but that’s changed over the past 25 years.
Young professionals, taken in by the neighborhood’s charm and low crime rate, have moved in and bought up buildings, sometimes renovating them so they could turn around and resell them for a hefty profit.
Longtime residents don’t like it, or the rash of clubs and yuppie-oriented stores that have sprung up, but there’s nothing they can do about it.


  • Frank’s News & Books
  • Bibliophiles looking for the sorts of books they won’t find at chain stores like Darius Books might want to give Frank’s News & Books a try. It’s mostly a newsstand, with magazines and newspapers from all over the country (including more than a few “fringe” magazines and other weirdness).
    You might find a book on topology next to a couple on Atlantis, a history of London, and one of Shane Velloric’s macabre novels, but the owner knows where everything is. Just ask him, and he can tell you what he’s got in stock, and where to find it.

  • Hudson City Numismatics
  • Coin collectors from around the United States, and sometimes even around the world, do business with Hudson City Numismatics.
    Proprietor Dean Schnabel has one of the best selections of rare, antique, and desirable coins in the country, and knowledge of the subject to match.

  • Timeout Sports
  • Need a baseball glove for your kid? A stick for a game of street hockey? A pair of rollerblades? A ball so you can get an autograph at a Heroes game ?
    Timeout Sports has just about any type of sporting gear you can imagine, even for obscure sports.

  • Edelweiss
  • This restaurant founded in the Seventies has been a favorite with Hudsonites who like good German food ever since. Edelweiss specializes in Bavarian cuisine, but offers dishes from all over Germany and Austria,

  • The New York Deli
  • If you need a quick sandwich and a cream soda instead of a big German meal, stop by the New York Deli. Unimaginatively named by its unimaginative owners, the NYD serves thick-piled sandwiches on home-baked bread, delicious pies, and the best potato salad this side of Manhattan.

  • The Zanzibar Cabaret
  • A jazz club that often showcases up-and-coming new talent in the jazz world.

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