Forsyth is a cesspool.
Mothers on welfare using the money to support their crack habits instead of their kids — and many of them have two or more children by different fathers.
The fathers are no better : gangsters, unemployment cheats, bums.

And Boxtown! If anything symbolizes what’s wrong with
this city, and this society, Boxtown is it.
Those people ought to be driven out or killed, not
coddled and given free needles.
Give me a big enough firebomb and I’ll do the job myself.
The millions it would cost the city to rebuild the highway
afterward would be a small price to pay.
—Siddhartha, Hudson City vigilante

The building of Hudson City College in the 1950s revitalized the flagging Forsyth.
Not only were many locals employed in the construction, and later in various positions at the College, but students looking for cheap off-campus housing often came to Forsyth. The parts of the neighborhood between the college and roughly Burns Avenue have since become a “student ghetto,” filled with small apartment buildings and detached houses rented by students… as well as the college bars and other businesses that cater to them.

The southern and western parts of Forsyth in particular tend to resemble “Fayettenam” more than they do north Forsyth. The presence of Boxtown has really brought parts of the neighborhood down over the past twenty years.
A high crime rate plagues Forsyth. Gangs from Freetown and Lafayette come over to sell drugs and fight over turf with a few local gangs. More than a few of the inhabitants of Boxtown are desperate enough, selfish enough, or mentally disturbed enough to commit all sorts of crimes.


  • Boxtown
  • Boxtown began in the mid- to late Seventies where the South Expressway merges into S. Truman Boulevard. Bums, vagrants, and homeless people congregated there, since the elevated highways created a sheltered area where rain and snow couldn’t fall to the ground.

    The police have tried to clean the place out several times, but civil rights activists and other protestors have made their job difficult… and even when they disperse the “residents,” it isn’t long before the residents come back. At this point the police have given up trying to make Boxtown go away.

  • Dino’s Pawn
  • Paul “Dino” Dinetti buy just about anything, from old jewelry, to used VCRs, to dishware, to clothes, but he’s got a well-deserved reputation as a cheapskate.

  • Forsyth Tracks
  • Catering to both the student crowd and local residents, Forsyth Tracks sells CDs and tapes, and even has a small section of used record albums for the old-timers.

  • Club Twenty
  • This dance club appeals mostly to the College crowd with its blend of modern pop, alternative rock, and techno music.

  • The Eagle’s Nest
  • The Hudson City College mascot is the eagle, and the Eagle’s Nest is a homeaway-from-home for fans of the team. This bar and grill’s decor is wall-to-wall Eagles paraphernalia, team and player photos, and pictures of famous plays.

  • Verne’s Fish Shack
  • Despite its homey-sounding name, Verne’s Fish Shack is actually a pretty good seafood restaurant.

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