Highlands is mainly a commercial and governmental center. There are few residential buildings (mainly luxury condominium towers like the McMillan Building) ; most of the neighborhood is filled with skyscrapers containing the offices of rich and powerful businesses, business parks and plazas, cultural attractions, and government facilities.

With Police Headquarters right on Courthouse Plaza, and the Department eager to protect the powerful men and women who work here so they’ll look favorably on police appropriations, Highlands is by most measures the safest, most crime-free area in the city.


  • Cherokee Tower
  • Built in the late 1950s by renowned architect Jalmari Laukkonen, the Cherokee Tower, headquarters of Cherokee Bank, underwent significant renovations from 1997-2002.
    While retaining its distinctive profile, including the famous “porthole” window that dominates the eastern facade at the fiftieth and fifty-first floors, engineers replaced the grey granite exterior with a lighter-colored, sturdier marble and significantly re-arranged the interior space on about half of the building’s sixty floors.

  • Flag National Bank Building
  • The headquarters of Flag National Bank, which has dozens of branches throughout the greater Hudson City area, this building also houses several law and accounting firms who work closely with the city’s banking community.

  • Hudson City Corporate Center
  • This cluster of six forty-story glass and steel skyscrapers houses some of the most important law firms, brokerages, and financiers in the city.
    Tower Seven is only twenty stories tall, but contains the ultra-luxurious Highlands Regency Hotel and has skywalks at the tenth floor connecting it to Towers One and Two to the north, and Three and Four to the south.

  • Hunneford Library
  • With a collection of approximately 15 million volumes, and millions more magazines, recordings, artifacts, and related information resources, the Hunneford Library is one of the largest public libraries in the United States.

  • Renée’s
  • Women’s clothing and furs are the goods in trade at Renée’s, and the boutique stocks only the best — designer dresses and gowns from the biggest names in fashion from around the world, the most luxuriant fur coats and stoles available.

  • Walters Plaza
  • A collection of small, elegant shops clustered around a delightful fountain, Walters Plaza is a must-visit shopping destination for many of Hudson City’s wealthiest consumers.

  • Wonderland Toys
  • If Barbie and Hot Wheels aren’t good enough for your children, stop by Wonderland Toys, which bills itself as “The World’s Greatest Toy Store!”.

  • The Carthage Club
  • The renowned “adventurers’ club” of the Twenties and Thirties still exists, but as a dinner and dancing club rather than a place where explorers, aviators, and crimebusters share their experiences with one another over brandy and cigars.

  • The City Club
  • Located on the top floor of the Flag National Bank Building (see above), the City Club is an expensive, members-only lunch and dinner club.

  • Faces
  • Perhaps the poshest “gentlemen’s club” in Hudson City, Faces features excellent drinks served by beautiful, topless waitresses as well as “exotic dancing” taking place on a well-lit stage.


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