LeMastre Park

“I think the crime problem in the park has really been blown out of proportion by the media.
Sure, we’ve got some crime here — what part of Hudson City doesn’t?
But it’s not like there are packs of wild-eyed murderers and rapists roaming the park at night looking for victims.
Between the crowds and the Park Police, most areas are
pretty safe.
Just use your common sense: don’t walk around by yourself
after dark, don’t leave your stuff unattended while you play
frisbee, things like that.
If you get in trouble, look for one of the blue lights; that
indicates a public safety phone that connects directly to the
Park Police headquarters.”
— Park Police officer Roberta Stimpson

Almost 2,000 acres (roughly three square miles) large, LeMastre Park is more than twice as large as Central Park in New York City and occupies approximately four percent of the land within the city limits. It includes approximately 350 wooded acres, 800 acres of lawns and fields, and 150 acres of bodies of water (Cedar Lake, various streams and ponds, and the like). It also has:

  • over 90 miles of paths and walkways suitable for walking, running,
    biking, skating, and similar activities

  • approximately 12,000 benches, many of which are “adopted” by citizens or businesses who become responsible for their maintenance

  • dozens of sports fields for playing baseball, soccer, rugby, and other games, as well as a section of tennis courts

  • a large skate park (added in the early Eighties to keep skateboarders off the paved pathways)

  • the Brucato Bandshell, which features an extensive series of concerts and plays throughout the year

  • two nice restaurants (Elysian Fields and Armstrong’s)

LeMastre Park

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