Crown Point

Decades ago, Crown Point was mainly an industrial neighborhood, a place of factories, wharves, warehouses, and miscellaneous stenches.
After World War II, many of the Crown Point businesses, including most of the heavier industry, shut down one by one.

Then immigration began to change the face of the community a little: Indians, Pakistanis, Middle Easterners, and a few Africans and Southeast Asians moved in.
Today, the southern part of the neighborhood is mostly residences — apartment buildings and some detached houses — and small businesses, while the northern part contains mostly light industry and waterfront businesses.

Crown Point has a significant crime problem. In addition to the gangs that wander up from Freetown and Forsyth to sell drugs and look for easy pickings, the Mafia and various crimelords struggle for the waterfront.


  • Ashwood
  • The southwest part of Crown Point is known as Ashwood.
    Since roughly the early Seventies, it’s been the center of Hudson City’s gay community, and hence also of much of its artistic community.

  • Crown Point Seafood
  • Crown Point Seafood mostly sells to the restaurant trade, but it’s also ready and willing to deal with individual consumers.

  • The Klein Gallery
  • Owned by Joel Klein, himself a highly-regarded artist, the Klein Gallery sells the latest and trendiest in modern art, both American and European.

  • Teotihuacan
  • This gallery specializes in Precolumbian art and artifacts.

  • Caribbean Karma
  • This reggae club, located not far from the Centre Street Circle, also serves Jamaican food at lunch and for an early dinner seating.

  • The Doghouse
  • Ever had a hot dog made with lamb ? How about alligator meat? This gourmet hot dog restaurant not only sells some of the best traditional beef franks in the city, it offers a wide selection of “alternative” hot dogs.

  • Krazy Karl’s
  • Crown Pointers who like their bars dark, smokey, and quiet come to Krazy Karl’s. Run by an ex-Ranger named Karl Jorgenson, it’s a place where pro sports and darts are the height of culture and beer is the drink of choice.

  • Mandala
  • This Indian restaurant prospered thanks to its superb food and impeccable service.

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