Mint Ridge

“Hey, man, what’s up? Wanna go to the park,
toss the frisbee around?”
“No way — check this out!”
“Holy *%&! — is that real?”
“Yeah, you know it, man.”
“Where the hell’d you get a gun?”
“You hear all that noise last night, where the
cops were chasing some gang kids from the park
through here?”
“Yeah, woke me up ’n’ all.”
“Well, I figure one’a those gang kids must’ve
had it with him, and he tossed it while he
was runnin’ behind our building so the cops
wouldn’t catch him with it. I found it out back
this morning.”
“No *%&!. Does it work?”
“I doubt it. It’s already all rusty from the dew
an’ *%&! this morning.”
“Cool, lemme see it.”
“Sure, here ya…” <blamm> “Joey? Joey?!?”
— incident on Delano Avenue

The housing boom created a demand for better living areas, and developers with vision thought Mint Ridge had potential. They bought up the land relatively cheaply, bulldozed the tenements and ramshackle houses, and built new residential communities more suitable to the pre-baby boomer generation… and their children.

Being right next to the park has made it a desirable neighborhood for many families, with a resulting steady increase in property values over the past few decades (though proximity to the park creates some crime and social problems as well).
Plenty of families with southern European names still live in the area, but for all intents and purposes it’s become just a typical generic American middle-to-upper-class urban neighborhood.


  • Dormition Greek Orthodox
  • This Greek Orthodox Church is the height of respectability. Its members include some of the most influential families in Mint Ridge, but people of southern and eastern European extraction all over the city also belong to it.
    Every May the church holds its annual Greek Festival, which attracts all kinds of Hudsonites eager to hear the music, watch the dancing, sample the delicious food, and maybe even have a small glass of ouzo… or two….

  • Church Of The True Messiah
  • On the other hand, considered by many people a cult of the most pernicious sort, the Church of the True Messiah maintains its “World Headquarters” in Mint Ridge in what used to be an office building. Periodically anti-cult protesters stage small rallies or demonstrations on the street outside.

  • Odeon Theater
  • Though it still shows movies, the Odeon is renowned as the site of the final gun battle between Hudson City’s crimebusting masked mystery man, the Raven, and “Machine Gun Marko” Ghazarian, one of America’s most-wanted criminals at the time.
    Ambushed as he exited the theater, Ghazarian and his men fought back hard. By the time the shooting was done, Ghazarian and most of his men lay dead or dying, and every car and storefront along the block was pockmarked with bullet holes.

  • Dellinger’s
  • “_It’s no Boudreau’s_,” as 1960s wit Walt Finney once observed, and no one can deny it… but most people think Dellinger’s is still a pretty great department store. It carries an enormous inventory of items, and its employees have a much-deserved reputation for their friendliness and service.

  • Dolman’s Confectioners
  • What better place for Hudson City’s best-known candy store than Mint Ridge? From its hand-made chocolate truffles, to its tantalizing pies and cakes, to the so-good-they’re-almost-addictive sugar cookies, Dolman’s has it if it’s sweet and delicious.

  • Yesterdays And Tomorrows
  • Large and chaotic, this antique store is a favorite of treasure- and bargain-hunters. Amidst its labyrinthine shelves you can find everything from topquality rare antiques to chachkis that barely rise above the level of junk.

  • Daphne’s On Birch
  • “Continental cuisine in an elegant atmosphere” is what it says on the door and the menus in gilt lettering, and Daphne’s lives up to that motto.

  • Greek Islands
  • If it’s from Greece and you eat it, you can get it at Greek Islands: moussaka, baklava, souvlaki, keftethes, and lots more.

  • LeMastre West Bar And Grille
  • The name says it all: this is a place to sit down, relax, and get a burger or a steak, not a big, fancy meal like you could have at Daphne’s. One wing of the building is a bar, so you can have a beer with your burger if you want.

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